Americans With Disabilities Act

St. Clair County

Welcome to this resource page on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specially designed to assist employees of St. Clair County understand their responsibilities to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to the programs and services offered by St. Clair County.


A video presentation was created to help explain the requirements of the ADA.

All St. Clair County Employees are required to view the video presentation at least once a year. The video is approximately 2 hrs in length. You can start and stop the video at any point and there is an index with the major topics identified that can be used to revisit any section of the video as desired. You will be required to "sign in" to start the video. Any questions regarding this video should be directed to the St. Clair County ADA Coordinator Marilyn Vise at (618) 233-7703 ext. 4401 or email at

Click here to View the Video